Jack's Fish Spot and Crab Pot - Seattle

On the first sunny, beautiful Saturday of spring, I would normally highly recommend staying away from Pike Street Market. Like the tourists that we are though, we jumped right into the crowd. Well at least find your coffee from somewhere other than Pike Street Starbucks. It's Seattle and you can get decent coffee at a lot of places without lining up for 2 hours.
You can get decent food at a lot of places too, without the lineup but no, again, we had to immerse ourselves in the market experience. Actually, I'll tell you a secret. We arrived at Jack's Fish Spot and Crab Pot at just a little after 11 and hardly waited at all. Just plan it so you're hungry by then and you will thank me!
Jack's is a real treat of an experience. First of all, you just know the guy taking the orders works for free. He loves talking to people and telling stories. We shared an exchange focused on how crossing the border is a stressful experience these days compared to many years ago! Marie and I started with a good old fashioned Shrimp Cocktail with sweet little shrimp and spicy house-made cocktail sauce. Very nice!
A half dozen freshly shucked oysters were only $9.99. These were small and very mild tasting. Briny and sweet with a squeeze of lemon or a touch of cocktail sauce they were delicious!
And finally, there was Halibut and Chips. Wonderful meaty halibut was cooked to perfection and served with a tartar sauce with lots of dill. We substituted garlic fries and were happy that they were not of the raw garlic explosion type that they serve at the Mariner's games but something a little more subtle and very tasty. 
Pike Street Market is an enjoyable experience but you have to be prepared for and except a couple of truths. 1) There will be ridiculous crowds so calm down and don't rush and 2) bargains are rarer than you would expect (unless you are buying fresh flowers). Time it right though, and Jack's can help you by-pass those truths and get amazing fresh fish at a very fair price.
For what it's worth, we give Jack's Fish Spot and Crab Pot 4 1/2 out of 5.

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