Sopra Sotto - Burnaby- Vanfoodster's Pizza Challenge

I get excited about each new Vanfoodster Challenge but I seem to have some bad luck with them. Once, I was served the wrong burger, another time someone had run out of tacos, another restaurant was not aware of the challenge, and at yet another, the 'guy' was not there who was the only one who could assemble the featured item! Sigh! Not smart enough to give up and being a lover of pizza (who isn't ?), Marie and I have embarked on the difficult task of eating pizza!
We had already visited, reviewed and loved Sopra Sotto On Commercial Drive, so we thought we would try the Burnaby location this time.
Another beautiful and comfortable restaurant, we were happy to be seated adjacent to the wood-burning pizza oven where we could watch the pizzaiolo ply his trade.
Sopra Sotto's Pizza Challenge offering is called the Cortadina. It features my absolute favourite cheese in the world, Taleggio! It also had smoked pancetta, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and green onions. "There is no sauce", Marie commented as we watched the pie being assembled, and it was true. The pizza was not dry however and the generous amount of cheese and the tomatoes were just enough and allowed the wonderful crust to shine. We watched it bake for almost exactly 120 seconds. 
Upon arrival, we quickly each took a piece and folded it to eat New York style. It was wonderful Taleggio! I asked the pizza master (as he was creating right next to me) and he mentioned that they were out of Taleggio and he had used Raclette. My disappointment must have been palpable as our wait person came around soon and insisted that they give us a discount (about 20%) which was not necessary but a very professional way to handle things. Stuff gets used up and sometimes you just don't get restocked on time. I understand that. While disappointing (and I have another  Vanfoodster challenge story) the pizza was amazing and we loved it.
We also enjoyed their Friturri Misto which was squid and prawns (they were out of smelts as well). Salty, hot and crispy, this was also very good and made a nice companion to the pizza. I chalk it up to timing and assume that usually, all the ingredients are available. I would not hesitate to recommend either of the Sopra Sotto locations!
For what it's worth, we only give this location 4 out of 5 due to the lack of ingredients.

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