Daddy's Kitchen

Still feeling a little weird about the name of this place ( just kidding). We visited it first during Vanfoodster's Commercial Drive Tasting Plates in August of 2018.
At that time they served us a couple of taco's which I photographed poorly. They featured ahi tuna and chipotle prawns and a number of accompaniments. We enjoyed them very much and the interesting sauces on the side and wanted to come back and try their sushi and poke. And so I did one rainy Tuesday.
The basic bowl was only $10 with some choices (brown rice or white, tuna or salmon). With a small scoop of imitation crab, edamame, seaweed and corn, this is a tasty and guilt-free meal. Add in one or two of the above-mentioned side sauces and the variations are endless.
Considering that I was not really thinking of Daddy's as a sushi joint, I was pleased with this tasty a la carte selection of ahi, unagi, massago and wild salmon. Very nicely assembled with tasty rice and excellent seafood. I am on the hunt for uni these days but it was not available.

Friendly service (Do you know why I always find that? It is because I am friendly and respectful. People reciprocate when you treat them well.) and a fair bit of room both at a communal table and window seating. Conveniently close to the sky train station. A very decent place for an inexpensive but tasty meal.

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