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I finally understand that, if we go to a cafe that serves nothing but dessert, we will not be too full for dessert! There will be no need to pass on whatever wonderful sweet things might be offered. If the conclusion is the point of the destination, then we don't miss out! Brilliant!
Bake 49 doesn't have a lot on the menu, but everything that we tried is baked in house and made us happy!
The cheesecake is certainly a showstopper here. Transported home and carefully sliced and plated as you see below, it is of the bottom half baked and top half not baked variety. As someone who has baked a few cheesecakes, I have to tell you that I thought it was very good.
It was on the subtle side as it should be and the mix of textures made it a sensuous experience. The little taste of strawberry (came on the side) added just enough of a highlight. At $27 for a 5" cake, it may seem to be expensive but certainly, it can be cut into 4 slices if not more. Sure, I wish it was sold by the slice.
Much has been said about the cheese tarts but, having never been to Japan myself, I am not in a position to make a comparison to what is allegedly the original. Both Marie and I happily munched them down and enjoyed them on their own merits. Flaky crust, check; creamy rich and slightly cream cheesy interior, check; tasty just slightly browned top, check. At $4 each, I would wait a few minutes for these.
Finally, we tried the Croquant Choux Crunchy Cream Puff. Disguising itself as a $4.50 breadstick with a crunchy almond coated exterior, inside is a hidden trove of cream puff filling. Very nice and Marie's favourite! 
Friendly folks here. They reserved a cake for me as I told them I was travelling in from the valley just for that! Don't expect to sit down and eat your treats in the bakery although there are maybe 3 or 4 window seats.

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