Win Win Chick-N - Steveston

With my first bite of WIn Win's fried chicken, my knees buckled. Soon Marie was pretending not to know me as I wept tears of joy! OK so maybe I get too emotional about fried chicken but Win Win Chick-N is seriously something special!
A Vancouver Sun article from August of 2018, posted on the counter at Win Win,  revealed a couple of clues as to the euphoric nature of this chicken. First of all, it is brined and secondly, pressure deep fried.
Five pieces and a side (legs and thighs) for $12.99 was enough for the two of us and that first bite was hot and ridiculously juicy,  as well as salty and (was it just my imagination?) just a touch spicy! I couldn't say for certain if this is the best fried chicken that I have ever eaten (I would have to line them all up side by side to taste, a prospect that intrigues me greatly!) but I am leaning that way!
Our first clue that there might be some Filipinos behind this operation was the Filipino Style Macaroni (duh). The slightly sweet meat sauce and hot dog slices (No. Really.) make it an iconic taste. Not bad. 
Secondly, there was the Ube (purple yam) Cake with coconut icing. This was very good. Sure enough, the place is the baby of a couple of brothers and their families. It's a tiny place with maybe eight seats along the front window. I'm sure that most of their business is of the take-out variety.
The menu is not long but fried chicken is definitely the king. Get some and enjoy it at the park nearby or at the waterfront. You will thank us!
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