Rice Burger

I am sorry but for us, Rice Burger is a case of a concept which makes us giddy but the execution of which did not quite live up to our hopes and dreams.
It is not our first rice burger rodeo as we were wowed at Cupbap Burger in Robson Market (search for it on our blog). Here we were looking forward to more of the same. Let me begin by saying that Rice Burger has a pretty cool vibe. Kool And The Gang was playing when we walked in, the counter guy couldn't have been more friendly, and we enjoyed sitting on stools by the window to watch the world go by.
First to arrive were Kimchi Fries, Chicken Katsu and Prawn Tempura. The fries rated as one of our two favourite items. Crispy, with pork, cheese and mayo toppings, it would be hard to miss with that lineup. As for the burgers, the rice was largely unseasoned although it had profited from some time on the flat top. Ask a sushi chef and they will tell you that although rice is the base of nigiri, it needs to be flavouful. The chicken while also crispy and tender could have used salt also. We discovered that what sauce was present for the burgers was mostly at the bottom of the serving boxes.
Next came the Korean Spicy Pork and Spam Musubi. Marie and I both agreed that the Spam was our favourite partly due to the novelty factor and partly because the fried egg added seasoning to the whole burger. While the pork was tasty and had a little more sauce, it was not at all spicy.
Although we like their philosophy, we're going to give Rice Burger a miss and go back to Cupbap Burger.

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