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I was all wound up for the new Bohemian Rhapsody movie, but my partner was hungry! We were going to Colossus in Langley to see the movie at the Imax Theatre so something close by would be a good idea! I had eyed Waka Sushi in the past and so we decided that it would be the place.
Marie ordered a Chicken Yakitori Lunch Box which at $13.95 seems like a smokin' deal!
Of course, although I didn't order anything, I was willing and able to help her with it. For example, the Miso Soup became mine.
The box came with two very tender nicely grilled teriyaki chicken skewers, some crispy, tasty tempura, a decent portion of California Roll as well as a bit of green salad and a couple of spring rolls. A pretty acceptable filling meal if you are around at lunchtime.
On another evening, I was craving sushi and especially at this time of year, Uni.
This had a lovely creamy texture and mild ocean taste without being fishy. If you have never tried Uni, you owe it to yourself to get past the initial off-putting appearance and taste a true delicacy! I ordered two pieces at $3.95 each and the folks at Waka generously gave me a third! It doesn't take much to render me giggly!
I ordered the Sushi Appetizer which is a nice selection of excellently prepared and presented nigiri.
The fish was nicely prepared and rice well seasoned. As usual around the Valley, the chefs do not place a traditional dollop of wasabi ( local tastes are not up for it) but I have no issue with adding my own. As always, the Tobiko was my favourite. I can spend quite a bit of time individually popping fish eggs against the roof of my mouth. It is both a flavour and texture experience.
The Agedashi Tofu here was excellent. Hot and fresh from the fryer and served with a tasty dipping sauce. A generous portion as well and a side salad with the traditional sesame dressing. Plus I like the wooden dish.
Finally, Karaage Chicken. This was a bit of a near miss. The chicken was a bit on the dry side compared to what we have had at a few of the ramen places that we have been to lately. It was not bad it's just that the bar for Karaage seems very high these days.
We came initially, not expecting to be wowed by a sushi joint in the middle of a theatre parking lot along 200th but came away impressed. These folks are very friendly and their place is comfortable and chic. Don't be put off by the convenience! There are good eats to be enjoyed here!

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