Turf on West 4th

Turf was definitely an experience. One day after World Vegan Month, I was still trying to complete my Vegan Passport and I have to admit that I am a little more drawn to the whole vegan concept.
We arrived Saturday mid morning to what I could only conclude was a Viking war chant at a European football game or the opening strains of We Will Rock You at Live Aid. It turned out to be an exercise class. Turf you see, is a one stop healthy lifestyle spot will exercise classes in the adjacent space and virtually no wall between. As I screamed my order across the counter to the person there, I asked if it was always this loud. They assured me that it was only this class that incorporated so much yelling. Dear God! Somewhat bemused, we awaited our order. Turf is a very nice space with casual seating, including a couple of communal tables and a view of the kitchen.
As our food arrived, the room also flooded with the enthusiastic class members, now in search of sustenance. No problem! 
First up was Bol-O-Noodies (more of a plate, really) which was carrot and zucchini noodles with a black lentil and white wine Bolognese, a spinach basil pesto and pine nut 'parm'. This was well executed and tasty. It needed a little salt. The Bolognese was rich and the dish did not make us feel so full as pasta tends to. I think I might buy one of those gadgets that makes zucchini noodles!
The Turf Burger Two Point Oh may be the best burger that I have had in November (well it would have been). A rich black bean patty with seeds and nuts etc., as well as sauerkraut, avocado, tomato aioli and an onion ring. Like the the black bean patty that I attempted to make at home, it tended to fall apart but one has to remember that this is not a hamburger! The whole thing was tasty and rich with a bun that was top notch!
And finally, Sweet Potato Wedges. Not sure how you get wedges, but they were good. Baked and not deep fried which means that they were not crispy but with skin on and nicely browned. Served with a spicy mustard which made us happy!
So we finished the vegan passport with enthusiasm. I am pretty sure that I will participate again next year and I have been inspired to seek out the vegetarian and vegan options at all the places we visit.
In the meantime, give Turf a try. There is a lot to try and the folks are friendly and helpful. Let yourself get caught up in the crazy noisy vibe!
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