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After going to visit the lights at Capilano Canyon, we had planned to visit another vegan place on our passport but they had closed up early due to the holiday. Without a firm back up plan, and not wanting to phone a bunch of places to find something open, we took out chances in the Metrotown area. I was prepared to live on white rice one time to keep my vegan month going. At Pearl Castle, I knew that I could at least keep my partner happy and I could watch while I ate my rice (maybe with a few sesame seeds). To my great joy, they did have a couple of vegan items on the menu!
Located in Old Orchard Shopping Mall near Metro Town, Pearl Castle is a Taiwanese joint and definitely not a health food place, but with an extensive menu that offers a lot of our favourites!
We started with Deep Fried Tofu! Hot and salty with a sweet dipping sauce and kimchee on the side. I was in vegan heaven although I stayed clear of the kimchee knowing that it probably had salted shrimp in it. Not every vegan dish has be all super-foods (there is no such thing by the way), there are plenty of less healthy choices available and this is one of them and we enjoyed it!
I followed with Three Cup Abalone Mushrooms. It came with a side of rice and sauteed bok choi. The mushrooms were meaty and had nice chew but the sauce was a little weak to my tastes. Three cup chicken is a favourite of mine and it usually has a little stronger soy flavour. The mushrooms themselves were deep fried and maybe would have stayed crispy if they were served on top of the sauce rather than in it. Still I enjoyed them and appreciated the vegan option.
Marie, who is not strictly following the vegan thing except when she has no choice, ejoyed the Deep Fried Pork Chop set (as I looked on a little enviously - sorry vegans ). Rice, bok choi and a cold noodle dish accompanied.
Pearl Castle is a busy comfortable little place and part of a small and popular chain. The staff are friendly and efficient. Everyone will find something tasty to eat here!

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