Vanfoodster's Dumpling Fest - Part Two

So here we are in Chinatown! As I predicted, no matter where we started our evening, we all met in the middle. As our two stops here were directly across from each other, we chose the shorter line and made our way to Hey, Dumplings!
They serve Russian style dumplings called pelmini. For Dumpling Fest, Heather (who clearly had this invasion under control) had prepared potato and/or potato-meat pelmini with our choice of poutine style or spicy ginger and scallion sauce with a drizzle of siracha! We tried both of course! We found the dumplings to be tender and very good! The poutine gravy is vegan, so hold back the curds and you have a vegan option here!
We will be back here for sure. The menu is short and focused and this lady is good at what she does! Next we joined the line at Rhinofish Noodle Bar. This is the only place during our evening that seemed confounded by our presence. 
Many of us hovered by the door and waited. It was a good place to meet fellow bloggers and Instagramers.
Once they got us sorted, we were served Chao Shou and Su Zheng Jioa (another vegan option) off their regular menu and both were very good! The house made chili oil provided a perfect note to the pork dumplings while the shiitake mushroom dumplings were tasty and beautifully put together.
Finally, we skipped our way along Prior Street and then around the corner on Commercial to Bombay Kitchen. Now that we were getting full, Bombay Kitchen served us the most generous sample of the evening.
Malai Kofta (another vegetarian if not vegan offering ) was a delicious vegetable and paneer dumpling served in a light tomato cream sauce. It was served with a generous side of rice which was perfect for soaking up the sauce. Another very friendly, enthusiastic place that we will be back to try.
So five restaurants and five places that we will return to try again. From a business perspective, it seems worthwhile to be included in Vanfoodster events!
From a foodie point of view, it is definitely worth while. Thanks Richard!

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