Vanfoodster's Dumpling Fest - Part One

As this is World Vegan Month, I have gone all in eating and posting vegan offerings from different restaurants and dishes that I have prepared at home (well the month is only a week old so I haven't posted that much) and I have made a lot of new vegan friends on Instagram. Here is hoping that I don't lose them all with Dumpling Fest postings! Don't worry! I haven't gone back to the dark side to stay!
Its always good to arrive at one of Vanfoodster's events hungry! The samples may be small but they add up after a few stops. We got our tickets and route info from Prado Cafe on Fraser and hungrily set out for our first port of call; Mangia in Olympic Village.
Mangia is a relative new comer. A comfortable and friendly little Italian eatery in an older home beautifully decorated and serving some very good pasta etc.
We were the first Dumpling Fest participants to arrive but were disappointed to learn that there was no prize for that!
Their offering was some wonderful Fried Gnocchi with ricotta mousse and pistachio pesto alongside very good Lobster Ravioli with a garlic, chilli, white wine, and fresh tomato sauce and peppery arugula. This turned out to be Marie's favourite dish of the evening. I have a feeling that we will be back soon to Mangia to enjoy more off their menu.They were very friendly and clearly were proud of their restaurant.
Our next stop was at a Vancouver perennial favourite in a new location. Maybe Hon's more than any other place taught me that there was more to Chinese food than chicken chow mien!
They started us with pot stickers (auto corrected to pots tickets on my Instagram feed, so I discovered  to my chagrin the next day) . These were fine as you may expect and served  with a tasty citrus ginger dipping sauce.
This was followed by Spicy Wontons in garlic chilli sauce (this was my favourite dish of the evening) with a nice pork filling (sorry vegan friends). Ironically, they offered a vegetable alternative for the pot stickers but we did not choose it.
Hon's is one of those places that is just part of our local experience. If someone visits from out of town, you should take them to Hon's. I love watching the chefs work their magic.
From Hon's we made the short jump to Chinatown. Stay tuned for part two!

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