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The goal is quick and tasty before a Canucks game. Not too far from Rogers Arena or Chinatown station is ideal. Vietnamese food certainly meets the quick and tasty requirement and Qieu works location wise.
Qieu wasn't too busy when we arrived but by the time we left it was clear they they do well on hockey nights. Our hostess was not overly warm and friendly but not everyone has to gush on our arrival! I noticed that she spent most of her time seated at her front counter and did not seem overly worried about how her guests were doing after ordering although in fairness, when we asked for water, the request was quickly filled. We ordered and sat down  at a table that did not appear to have been cleaned within recent history. Soon a couple of nice Shrimp Salad Rolls were delivered.
These were fine and I never really expect to be deeply moved by salad rolls. The peanut sauce was tasty.
I have to tell you that the main event was also pretty good. The Rare Beef Pho had a nice rich broth and nice chewy noodles as well as the usual garnishes and a generous amount of beef. Not bad other than the dirty table, evident in my photo...sorry. I had walked in with my heart set on a lovely banh mi. I was already drooling over pillow soft but crunchy French bread and crisp vegetables however...
This turned out to be quite a disappointment. I'm not sure where or when they get their bread but this did not live up to the hype. The meat also was on the dry side. I ordered the cold cut but was quite  disappointed all around.
Still, I suppose you could do worse on hockey night. There is competition just around the corner at Hai Phong. We'll try them next time.
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