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There may come a day when we say, "Enough new ramen places already!" So far however, that day has not arrived. Asaka has been open just a couple of months. They serve some of the usual ramen choices that we are used to seeing with the bonus of bubble tea and in house made ice cream!
Located on Number 3 Road, just shy of the River Rock Casino in the industrial stretch, it is easily accessible now but might be a bit nightmarish when the night market is open. Inside, they are all decorated up for Halloween but don't be afraid!
The Black Garlic Tonkatsu Ramen was our favourite (and usually is) with a perfect 1/2 egg and the usual trimmings including some corn, greens and bamboo shoots. The broth was rich and luxurious. We ordered thin noodles with one soup and medium with the other. I was content that there were no other decisions to be made to customise our order. Sometimes that gets a little much with the extra fatty or skinny broth well cooked or under cooked noodles etc. Just feed me!
We made one order a combo with Karaage Chicken which was amazingly tender and hot out of the fryer.
We also ordered Miso Ramen which was similar but never quite as rich as the Tonkatsu. This one we ordered with Deep Fried Brussels Sprouts.
Now, I already like Brussels sprouts but I figured, everything is better deep fried, right? Well, the pay off wasn't quite so significant with this as I expected. They were nicely cooked and served with Japanese Mayo but they would have been just as good pan fried or roasted. Stuffed as usual, but the temptation of in house made ice cream was too much!
The smallest amount we could order was a scoop but they were running a special which provided a second scoop and so who could pass. We tried mango and black sesame. Both were very nice. The texture seemed a little dense but what I liked was that I did not find them overly sweet. Very good!
Asaka should do well here. Their service friendly and efficient and the place is comfortable enough! And we didn't even try the bubble tea! Next time maybe!
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