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I'm not an expert on China (OK. I did read some history and I can name all the dynasties) but I know that they grow wheat in the north and rice in the south. So north generally means bread, noodles and dumplings (although they do have a few rice dishes on the menu here). It also means that most perfect of dishes, cumin lamb. The very thought of cumin lamb makes me salivate!
So with that in mind, we made our way to  New Westminster Station (weirdly, we drove there) where North Noodle House is located. I have wanted to try this place for sometime for the house made noodles and the aforementioned lamb. It is a little squeezy here with maybe 16 to 20 seats and a fair bit of traffic but we did not have to wait. 
First up was the Spicy Cumin Chinese Hamburger. The bun itself was pillowy but nicely browned on the flat top while the spicy filling lived up to my hopes and dreams! If I was a bit more of a food stylist, I could have done a better job of making it look as good as it tasted!
The Lan-Zhou Beef Soup Noodles were also very good. Comforting and warm with the flavour of star anise, there was a generous amount of tender beef and tasty contrasting pickled vegetables.
We discovered the very good house made noodles hiding underneath!
Finally, Fried Pancake with Pork. Not the most photogenic dish but this was also very good. Only close examination revealed that this was not a noodle dish. It reminded me of our weekend brush with Kottu Roti from Sri Lanka, another dish that is a stir fry but with thinly sliced roti. There were many more dishes on the menu that we would have liked to try but even as it was, we had leftovers to go! As we were leaving, I gazed longingly at someones dish of Fried Chicken with Potatoes, Hot Peppers and Spicy Star Anise Sauce as it arrived (Xin-Jiang Noodles). We will be back to try that! Service was friendly and what I would call, very efficient. I felt like our space was needed and didn't care to linger too long as the check arrived by express at our table.That is not a criticism however just an observation!  This is a wonderful place to carb up and we recommend it!
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