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When last we left our heroes, they were begging shamelessly for you to follow them on Instagram. Since that seemed to work pretty well, I am repeating the cowardly act. Just remember that our posts make yours look really professional by comparison! yes_were_eating_again ...Thanks!

Ramen takes another step east to Langley! Well technically ramen started in the east, worked its way all the way west to Vancouver and is taking a small step back to the east. Importantly, a little further to the east and it will be near our front door! I have been excited to try Akedo Showten but knew it had to be done strategically. Posts on Instagram have indicated that they have sold out of product on certain occasions and I have had the feeling that lineups at this new place were the norm. Although we were seated right away just before noon on Saturday, there was a line up by the time we left.
We were greeted (and later sent on our way)  with the usual ramen house / izakaya enthusiasm making us feel right at home. I was a little taken aback by our first look at the menu. Your chose your broth as black (chicken stock) or white ( stock including mussels). What? No pork broth? (What is most comical here is that I, the middle aged Caucasian guy, have become the ramen police!) However, both Marie and I tried the black stock and found it to be a near religious experience!
The broth itself (Truly the chef's baby. He is said to spend the night preparing it for the day's service.) is rich and silky with excellent garlic flavour! The Ajitama Ramen included some moist tender slices of chicken "cha-shu" along with some excellent thin noodles (imported from Japan) and nicely crunchy greens! Wonderful!
The Cheeeese Ramen (Is that a thing or another creative foray?) was similar with the addition of...wait for it...cheese. The choice of Swiss for this addition is truly inspired. This could not have been more delicious!
We also tried the Deep Fried Gyoza. These were porky and crunchy, maybe a little thick of skin but not bad.
A little on the small side, maybe 24 seats but service is not rushed. This will continue to be a busy place but well worth a visit!
Akedo Showten Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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