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This is both a review of a pretty decent little sandwich shop and a confession as to what a bad life partner I am. Last weekend, Marie was having some pretty serious pain and we took her to ER in Langley both on Saturday evening and on Sunday morning before we finally found out that she has a kidney stone. So they sent us home with pain medication and the plan was; manage the pain and the stone will pass. By no means a pleasant situation for her but not life threatening. Unfortunately things went south pretty fast from there. Her sister took one look at her a couple of days later and said, "We are taking you back to emergency!" We got there (to Peace Arch this time) to find that the kidney stone had gotten stuck, she was dangerously dehydrated and had infection (where was I during this, you may well ask?). They swooped into amazing action in the emergency room and continued it in the ICU and she is now a few days later, on the mend but not a happy camper in her new role as pincushion for many monitors and medication delivery devices and blood tests and...she wants to go home in the worst way but that is still a few days away, I am afraid.
The lesson here is, if you need to be taken care of, I am clearly not your man. I consider myself a pretty decent electrician, a mediocre to fair food blogger but clearly I am not to be entrusted with human life. Thank goodness for Marie's sister and the folks at Peace Arch Hospital. So having selfishly gotten that off my chest, I am spending as much time with Marie at the hospital as I can...but a guys still gotta eat, right? You know, there is a little sandwich place called, The Carvery near here....dare I? In my defence, my partner is getting better, she has a constant stream of visitors and she is not really a fan of sandwiches a bit sheepishly, I sneak out for a sandwich...well, maybe a couple of times!
Found just off King George Hwy in not the most exotic of locations adjacent to Avis Rent a Car, The Carvery is an 11 to 4 kind of place, serving pretty good lunches to folks who know where to find them! On the weekends, they do porchetta and brisket, so I chose the Porchetta Sandwich with a bowl of  Cream of Broccoli and Cheddar.
The bread was very good (filone) being nicely chewy. The pork itself was not bad but when I think porchetta, my mind travels to Meat And Bread in Vancouver and this one did not quite measure up to that standard nor did it have the wonderful cracklings. In fairness, The Carvery is not going the same  route and the sandwich has very  
 nice greens, tasty chimichuri and paprika aioli. The soup was wonderful and rich.
On another visit, I ordered off their regular menu which has a lot of tempting combinations and classics to offer.
A Cubano! I am not an expert but this was a revelation! Roasted mojo (garlic, cumin, oregano and citrus) pork shoulder and smoked ham, with Swiss, pickles and mustard on Cuban loaf, brought me close to tears! Put this on your bucket list!
Finally, I got a Lambwich Panini to go. This was also a great pleasure with roasted pulled lamb shoulder, chimichuri, sunny fetta spread (not quite sure but feta?)  and greens on ciabatta. Nice! Check out their menu but remember that they have daily specials. Taco Tuesday? And there was a Ham, Macaroni and Cheese Sandwich special when I dropped in.
Definitely worth the effort to find! And Marie is better as each day passes. I will keep you in the loop.

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