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I complain when the weather is too hot but I'm not keen on getting rained on constantly either. Some people are never happy. The one good thing about rain is that it signals the commencement of ramen season. OK, so you can eat ramen anytime but it is wonderful on a rainy, dreary day.
As I was working my way through that weak logic, we suddenly found ourselves in front of Ramen Butcher in Chinatown!
The message (ramen) was clear. Soup and noodles were called for.
Oh my goodness but the basic product was wonderful (actually, this was Orange Miso Ramen) and we felt warm and fuzzy from the very start. The broth was rich and velvety. The chashu has some substance and we really enjoyed the miso marinated ground pork!
We also ordered Classic Tsukemen where you dip the noodles into the sauce. It is not 100% soup like but really pretty close. again the broth or dipping sauce if you prefer, was something special. The smokiness of Bonito Flakes was really notable. We ordered both meals as combos with Karage Chicken Don with one ramen and
a Curry Don with the other.
Both of these side dishes landed well. The chicken was crispy and the curry was just slightly sweet and not too spicy as you expect from a Japanese curry. There are all sorts of options and extras that you can order including extra helpings of excellent noodles if you can make the broth last. Prices are in line with most ramen places so you can leave satisfied with out lightening your wallet too much.
We found the staff to be quite friendly and the surroundings are comfortable. Give them a try!
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