Crackle Creme

We are always too full for desert but so may places are showing up that specialize in the final course (or bubble tea and the final course) that we thought that we should start there for a change.
Creme brulee is such a classic and wonderful desert (written recipes date prior to 1700) that there should be more places that specialize in it. A wonderful torched and crackly sugar topping, over a delicious custard base, it is not so filling as a giant piece of cake or pie but completes a meal grandly!
We had the Pandan Coconut version with a lovely green custard reminiscent of my partner's Filipino deserts. It was not overly sweet but was smooth and rich.
Desert waffles and toppings formed the next category at Crackle Creme. I ordered it with a condensed milk drizzle also a Filipino favourite ingredient. I found the waffle a little too chewy.
They do macaroons here also (impossibly cute ones) but we did not try them on this visit.
We rounded our desert out with a Latte with was very good. I feel like there might have been a time in the distant past when we did not expects a latte to come with a clever design in the foam. What barbarians we were!
This is a comfy little place at the south edge of Chinatown. Desert is not expensive here, as I was expecting it to be. Why not start with desert and see what you can discover?
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