Joe's Cafe

I like Joe's Cafe but I always have the feeling that I am intruding. This authentic little cafe, broken window repaired with Tuck Tape and all,  was here long before Commercial drive was trendy. I kind of worry that my coming in here and taking pictures, being fascinated with the surroundings, disturbs the vibe.
Local guys watching the football match on TV and drinking their coffees could not care less about my blog or Instagram, so we do our best to not upset things. That being said, I expect it is all in my head because no one has ever even sneered in our direction. Everyone is friendly enough.
We have never eaten here. I expect that you might be able to partake of some decent food. We do however, love the coffee.
I am a Starbucks, dark roast, no room for cream guy and I freely admit it but at Joe's, I can be talked into a cappuccino. Rich and not too sweet, deep coffee flavour. Very nice.
Marie likes her coffee a little sweeter and had an Espresso Americano with a bit of extra sugar. This was another hit the spot kind of drink especially on the first rainy day that we have had in a long time.
Come in, have a coffee and maybe a sandwich. Maybe watch the game. Just don't act like such a foodie!

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