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Since we made a poor showing on Vanfoodster's Poke Challenge, making it only to the first stop (Hey! Things get complicated sometimes!), I thought we should get going early on the Sundae Challenge! So off we went to the new Hugo's Mexican Kitchen on Fraser Highway in Surrey, close to Claytonwood Gate.
Alas, It turned out that the challenge sundae (or any other sundae for that matter) is not available at this location! Oh well. We have wanted to visit the new Hugo's and we certainly didn't regret being here, sundae or no sundae. This is a chic little place with some bar seating at a cool granite bar, some high seating and some regular seating and an airy open feel!  
The staff were very friendly, making an heroic effort to find out about the missing sundae! They started us off with addictive complimentary house fried  tortilla chips and 3 excellent salsas, one tomatoey, one smokey and one packing a punch.
We took full advantage of their happy hour menu, ordering Sopesitos, Tostaditos and Churros, with a Jack Fruit Taco for good measure! Their happy hour also has a good choice of drink deals.
These tasty little guys on small crisp corn tortilla were topped with pork, black beans, lettuce, pickled onion, cheese and a very nice crema. The crisp tortilla makes them a somewhat messy affair but I mean that in a good way! Eat over your plate!
We both loved the Sopesitas! You get much more corn masa taste from the soft house made bottom shell. They came with most of the same good stuff as the tostaditos. 
The Jack Fruit Taco is a vegetarian offering at Hugo's. Jack Fruit has a  savoury rich "meat" and lends itself to savoury dish situations. The taco was served with the usual taco trimmings and pineapple. Very nice!
And amazing Churros!
The menu here has a lot of interesting dishes including meals that come with the whole beans and rice thing. There is something for everyone. We're going to make a trip to Hugo's Churros in Richmond to try the Challenge Sundae but in the meantime we really enjoyed Hugo's Mexican Kitchen.
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