Mag's 99 Fried Chicken and Mexican Cantina - Squamish

"Do we really want to drive to Whistler for the day on a long weekend?", I asked. It all turned out well. Traffic was not bad (it was Sunday) but finding a place to picnic ( for 3 or 4 carloads of family) was a bit of a trial. Mags 99 was screaming busy when we stopped on our return trip, but that is not too surprising.
Mags features some very good fried chicken and an interesting Mexicanish menu. What more could you ask? The evening that we were there the wait for food was 30 minutes as Vancouverites made their way home from the outdoors. This is a former Taco Bell and whatever fast food joint and the counter order and pick up your food system remains.
We started with a 2 piece and fries which was $10.50 and included a soft drink. The chicken was nicely seasoned and crispy but hit and miss as far as the tender and moist quotient is concerned. The breast not surprisingly tended to be a little dry and this was even true of a wing that one of our friends was eating. Fries were great being skin on and nicely fried.
We were unable to resist the allure of the Chimi Changa Loco (at $14.50) , billed as " a deep fried burrito sent from God to appease humanity." Speaking as a part of humanity, it worked. Filled with tasty pulled pork, rice, lots of cheese, corn, onions and topped with pico de gallo, crema and a wonderful chipotle cream sauce, it was both filling (no kidding) and delicious! 
Travelling with a crowd of family means that I can mooch and try more menu items. RJ ordered nachos and a Chicharon taco. To my dismay, the nachos came with ballpark/7-11 nacho cheese (although with some flavour added). I cannot get behind that. A similar concoction also came on the over cooked mac and cheese (again to my dismay). So, while I felt like I ordered well for a change, it would seem not every item on the menu is a home run.  
Still, this is a fun place with interesting decor inside and out.
It is noisy and entertaining and the folks working there are great. We'll be back the next time we pass through Squamish. 
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