Yah Yah Ya Ramen...and Jazz at David Lam Park

Towards the end of Jazz in the Park at David Lam Park, we decided that hunger was a stronger draw than jazz although if Senior Mandril, from Mexico City,  had continued to play, we would never have left! These guys were smokin'!
Then while grabbing a bottle of water at Urban Fare, we found these young fellows playing their hearts out! They hadn't made the main stage and I don't even know what they were called but they were worth a stop and listen! Keep it up, you guys!
Still, folks gotta eat! There was a period of time when it seemed we were eating ramen all the time (actually, some call it winter) but lately other things have caught our attention. Nevertheless, it seemed like a good idea this evening. We took a long walk to Robson and found Marutama closed for the holiday! Fortunately a few blocks further brought us to Yah Yah Ya Ramen! Right away, if you go there, make sure you write your name on the wait list! There is no indication that you need to do so, and no hostess doing it for you, just the annoying feeling that you are being ignored!...not a good start! 
Things improved quickly though as we did put our name on the list and were seated shortly. The folks working here are friendly and helpful and at least on this occasion, very busy! One side of the restaurant is a couple of big semi communal wood tables which are comfortable and sort of rustic.  
We ordered and quite enjoyed the Karage Chicken. Some kind of sauce would have been nice but the chicken itself was very tender but hot and crispy. 
Marie and I both thought the Black Tonkatsu Ramen was some of the best that we have had. Garlicky and rich describes the broth which came with tasty just slightly chewy noodles. You can order your ramen with various levels of noodle softness, oil and flavour as well as the usual add ons but it was very good just at normal levels!
For $3.45 we ordered the Ramen as a Chasu Set. This was an excellent Chasu Don with a generous amount of pork to go with the rice beneath and a topping of Japanese mayo and katsu (?). We also tried the Abura Soba which is basically noodles without soup. I know you experts will freak at my oversimplification. 
All the sauce is at the bottom of the bowl waiting to be mixed. There was vinegar and red chili oil available which you add to your own taste. Its a very nice dish with more emphasis on the noodles. We liked it alot. I'm not sure if a lot of local ramen places serve this. Apparently in Japan, restaurants specialize in it the same way others specialize in ramen. All in all, we like Yah Yah Ya Ramen. It has occured to me lately that I almost never dislike any restaurants we visit. I think that is just because we choose well, relying on other food bloggers for the most part! You will like it here also!
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