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So this is K Pop! No worse than the rest of the latest dance/popular music that I've been avoiding for decades. Sorry, let's make that sound a little less judgmental. I'll start over... As innocuous background music goes, this is not the worse that I've ever been forced to listen to. It offers the advantage that I don't understand what they are singing about, unless I choose to read the translation on the 3 big screens at DK Chicken...which I do not.... Sorry, I can't do it. But seriously, we tried to absorb the vibe and it was kind of fun and really did not detract from some pretty decent Korean fried chicken. In fact, I'm sure a lot of people love it!
We've been meaning to come since it opened a couple or three months ago and it becomes one of 2 sources for KFC near to our home in wee Aldergrove. Located in  a strip mall on the west side of Langley (adjacent to H Mart), DK Chicken is not a small as it appears from the outside with a few warrens and more private areas off the main room. It is chic and comfortable in basic black with booths, tables and sharp decor that I should have photographed more!
But we came for the food and we were not sorry.
The Spicy Rice Cake was very tasty and had fish cake and sweet potato noodles mixed into the presentation. It was a wee bit spicy as the name implies but mitigated by the cooling sides. Marie and I devoured the pickled daikon as we always do.
The Kimchi Fried Rice was very enjoyable served with a fried egg on top and a nice side salad. Not a huge plate of food for $13 but tasty and so nicely presented. 
The main event was the half order of Sweet and Spicy Bone In Chicken. More sweet than spicy, this was tender yet with that KFC nice crunchy skin despite the sauce. Pretty typical and not disappointing, but a few bucks. They did not seem to offer the full order with 2 flavours at a lower than full premium (i.e. one full order but 2 flavours at the single full order price instead of the 2 half orders price. If you understand what I am trying to say, then congratulations) but maybe I read the menu wrong. Our server was friendly and efficient and we should have asked him. Not an endlessly long menu. They do quite a few fried chicken options and I noticed some interesting things like spicy snails and clam soup that merit a try, in addition to rice, noodles etc. I don't hesitate to suggest that you give this place a try!
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