Steve's Poke Bar - Guildford

Nothing motivates us to get out and try a few new places like one of Vancouver Foodster's Challenges. This will only be the third challenge that we have participated in (plant based bowl and taco being the previous two). Vancouver has certainly become poke crazy but since we have long been sushi crazy, this is very much just a lateral move. Our adventure started at Steve's Poke Bar  (Guildford being the nearest).
This is the second Steve's (the first being at SFU) and they are very single minded. What you get here is poke and it is very good poke. Their signature bowls (there are 6 as well as the build your own option) come with two scoops of protein (salmon, tuna, scallops in various guises) while the challenge bowl comes with 4  (2 scoops shoyu tuna, 2 scoops spicy tuna) and they were not chintzy scoops as I watched my challenge bowl being prepared.
The challenge bowl is $15, a little pricey but big enough to share! I notice that the signature bowls are mostly about $13.25. 
The tuna is served on rice with furikake seasoning, green onions, sesame seeds and optional seaweed, crispy garlic and crispy onions. It was delicious and the spicy and shoyu tuna were obviously the centre of attention being startlingly fresh and tasty. I have never tasted furikaki by itself (I will as soon as tomorrow) but I am sure that it lent a unique savory (or umami as the hipsters say) flavour that made a positive impression. 
I sat down and enjoyed my poke in the tiny dining room. Steve's (at least this location) is more about take out and delivery.
Steve has somewhat of an advantage in this challenge and at the game of poke in that he has spent quite a bit of his life in Hawaii and has the family recipes to prove it, according to their website. I am happy that we started our tastings at Steve's. I feel like they may have set the bar by which future poke will be judged!
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