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The search for a great vegetarian burger has been fraught with peril. At this point the leader (even this review included) remains the Impossible Burger (see our review in February of 2018). The thing that separates MeeT in Gastown from the places that serve the Impossible Burger (only available in the U.S. at this time), is that the entire menu is plant based and according to what we tasted, delicious!
Located in a cozy little square off Water Street, ironically next to L'Abattoir (I know that's not really irony), we waited maybe 10 minutes for a table this beautiful Saturday afternoon. I had already perused the menu and we ordered and the food arrived fairly quickly. We tried a house made
Ginger Beer with something something (can't remember and the non alcoholic beverages are not listed on their on line menu) and it was fizzy and distinctly gingery. A very refreshing beverage that I would have again.
We started with Hot Chiggin' Things (get it?). These tasty little morsels are as close to Buffalo wings as you can get without killing something. Made with green pea flour, the texture is not far from a boneless chicken appendage and while it was not too spicy, the Buffalo sauce carried the show. The only thing that threw me is that they are served with a ranch dressing rather than blue cheese!
 Next was The "Beet" Salad (quotation marks are theirs) with startlingly sweet beet chunks on greens, with pumpkin seeds, feta, marinated garbanzo beans and a pea pesto dressing. It's not often that I get this silly over a salad but Marie barely got a taste as I buried my face in it and barely came up for air.
Finally came what some would call the main event! The MeeT Burger is served with fries and salad. My partner is an avowed carnivore and not even a burger fan, but she was all over this plate. The burger patty itself is a more than decent creation. I am unsure of its origin and it wouldn't fool anyone expecting hamburger but it was "meaty" enough to form the basis of a very good burger when combined with an excellent Portuguese bun, chipotle mayo, crispy onions and fried mushrooms. The fries were some of the best we have had in recent memory. Skin on and our server hinted that she thought they were double fried and lots of the little crispy pieces that we love. Finally, the salad was anything but a throw in to fill the plate. Beets, carrots, greens and a lovely dressing, we finished it too!
We really loved the service folks at MeeT. They were casual,friendly, and genuinely made us feel at home! They knew their stuff also. We had a nice experience at MeeT and I would recommend that you go and have one also!

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