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My boss and I had a meeting downtown at 10 and it went a painful 2 hours (actually, it was a pretty good meeting...especially if anyone from the meeting reads this blog). Still towards the end of the proceedings, my stomach began to rumble. "Do you know any place that we can grab something to eat?", he asks. Do I know a place? It's what I do!...My boss had never eaten Laksa. Wha...? I consider it my sworn duty to introduce people to wonderful food that they have never eaten before, so off we went to Laksa King, conveniently on the road (Hastings obviously) back to the freeway! I have not been to Laksa King since it occupied a back counter in a grocery store at Joyce Street Station. A little research revealed that Laksa King changed hands about 5 years ago. I knew the Joyce Street location as Bo's Laksa King and they did move to the Hastings location. Meanwhile, Daisy arrived from Burma in 2002 and eventually acquired Laksa King about 5 years ago and has run it as a successful family business since then.  They now occupy a kind of cool space that looks a little like a 50s diner complete with slightly worn red booths, diner wall art and neon lighting.

So Laksa was ordered and it arrived and we were not disappointed. I have had some good versions in different places and this is one of the best. Just a fairly mild burn and rich with coconut! Very nice noodles with a bit of chew and crunchy sprouts. But just imagine; there are people out there who have never had this wonderful soup!
Helping people to expand their culinary horizons, is the responsibility of us all and it is a noble calling! We also ordered the Fish Cake Curry. This was another tasty dish. It came with rice  which was essential for
soaking up as much of the excellent sauce as possible. This curry was more of a tomato / tamarind based sauce, not spicy at all,  and I highly recommend it also. Service is friendly and there are many interesting dishes on the menu including familiar Malaysian favorites. Try this place!
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