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Amidst the chaos that is Pike Street Market (and we are smart enough to be there on a sunny Saturday morning on Memorial Day long weekend), away from the street and the 45 minute wait to get into the original Starbucks, is the relative calm of Emmett Watson's. Not that it is exactly a Zen garden, but it seems peaceful by comparison to trying to eat where vendors are launching salmon through the air or hawking every manner of artisan made hot sauce or beef jerky, as clueless tourists clog the traffic by wandering to and fro on the cobblestone avenue!
This is not a fancy seafood place. Seattle has a million of those and  in fact, there are Tom Douglas restaurants within walking distance. But while it is pretty straightforward, with no nonsense servers and emphasis on fried seafood and chips, it is affordable and the food is very enjoyable.
The Oyster Bar Special is a couple of  oysters, 3 shrimp and clam chowder. The oysters were briny and delicious, the shrimp tasty and the chowder was amazing! It was rich and thick with potatoes and lots of tender clams. I could not have been happier with my choice!
Marie and I were here with her kids and between the bunch of us, we sampled almost everything fried on the menu ( missing was the well reviewed gumbo that I hoped someone would try). Each basket came with very good fries and we squabbled like sea gulls over the crisp end fries that are at the height of French fry evolution! Cider vinegar on the tables tells me that these people know something about British style fried fish and chips.
As you might guess, most of the baskets looked about the same so no need to post every picture. Suffice to say there were no complaints and nothing left over! Food arrived hot out of the fryer and came with very good tarter and/or cocktail sauce.
When it is warm, you can sit outside in a quiet little courtyard or you can enjoy the casual comfortable tables and booths inside and there are even some counter seats at the back. So if you don't want to wait at Lowell's or don't feel like paying at Place Pigalle, Emmett Watson's is a great little place for lunch or dinner.
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