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So, I broke two personal rules here (well, I try to cooperate with what everyone wants to do and not just pursue my own agenda) in that  we ate at an Asian place while away from home (we live in Metro Vancouver - we have the best Asian food in the world other than...well, Asia) and it was AYCE ( I no longer have the capacity to make it worth while I am not sorry that we went to The Feast though as this place is impressive!
This is a buffet of epic proportions. It took us a good 10 minutes just to walk around and conceive a strategy!
Sunday lunch is $26 (USD) and is not missing anything. I noticed people who were evidently trying to pay for their meal in quantities of crab consumed. I tried a couple of crab claws that were very good, neither overcooked nor sitting too long on the buffet.
There was also stir fried crab elsewhere but I did not find it to be as good. I enjoyed a couple of  fresh shucked oysters (they were not fully detached from the shell) and a selection of fully decent sushi (chefs were in full view plying their trade).

That was round one! From that point forward, I took singles (so as to taste as many things as possible); a snail, a deep fried scallop, spinach and cheese, a barbecued pork rib, a sweet and sour chicken chunk, a chicken's foot (which tasted like absolutely nothing).  Some of this was pretty good and some was a little meh. It's a buffet for crying out loud so that's what I expected. There were some dim sum items as well and soups and a noodle station and other things that I never even got close to!
Finally there is desert. Curiously, I did not take any pictures but there is ice cream, a chocolate fountain, a candy cotton station that was knee deep in kids, cakes, fruit and... So just not too bad as buffets go. Service was quite good as well as our plates were cleared quickly and our water glasses were regularly topped up. Other than in Vegas, I have not experienced any thing like this. I won't be back anytime soon but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't try this place if you like variety!
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