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Since we now have 6 sushi restaurants in the small town of Aldergrove (pop. 15, 500), we will henceforth dispense with the term yokel when referring to local diners! I am actually quite impressed with us! On my first visit, I was warmly welcomed and seated comfortably at the brand new Sushino Michi. This space was a coffee shop/cafe previously and I had never been inside but it currently seems a little awkward, like there is room for more tables. No matter as at least no one will feel claustrophobic. I ordered the Sushi and Sashimi Box and miso soup arrived first.
Not too much one can say about miso soup. It was not too salty and had a nice amount of tofu and wakame.
The box itself was very enjoyable with 4 generous pieces of sashimi and 4 nigiri. The rice was subtly seasoned and had good texture while the fish was firm and generous in proportion to the rice. Four pieces of tempura were crispy and hot (2 prawns, 1 sweet potato and 1 yam). The box included a couple of vege spring rolls and a green salad. I thought it was decently priced at $14.95. 
I like the way they serve Takoyaki here, in a hot cast iron pan. The pieces had definitely picked up some color and depth of flavour.  Very tasty but I honestly did not find much in the way of octopus. Might have been the luck oft he ladle and it didn't  really detract from the experience other than....well, you know. Still I could hardly wait and returned the next day to try a couple more things!
Agedashi Tofu is not too adventurous on my part but I really enjoy it. And this was very good. Just crisp on the outside and hot inside. A generous garnish of bonito and green onion with dipping sauce on the side.
And the Michi Tower was a thing of beauty. Oshi salmon sushi formed the base. There were two layer of salmon with the top  having a nice sear. Again the well seasoned rice. A fat tasty scallop, shrimp, lovely crunchy tobiko, tuna, lime and  some greens. This is a must try for anyone lost in this part of the valley! Finally, a very pleasant surprise, the chef sent over a desert to try! Bingsu!
Now this is the first time I have had bingsu and I am very impressed. What appeared to be a bowl of ice cream was almost snow like in texture. Light and wonderful! Complete with candied walnut pieces, coconut, strawberry and peach, this was a light and enjoyable finish!
I like it here a lot and I hope that Aldergrove can support 6 sushi places. I think Sushino Michi will do just fine!
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  1. wow..I really want to be there someday. I am a fan of Sushi in rochester, MN. Just looks the Sushi Menu on the black board...It's really unique..


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