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Any place with pictures of  Mexican wrestling masks included in its decor deserves a visit. If they serve tacos (or actually host Mexican wrestling), so much the better. Sal y Limon recently opened up in South Surrey in a very nice space with some eclectic Mexican art including the above mentioned masks...and yes, they serve tacos and much more!
I was a little excited about their taco options, all at the friendly price of $2.60 ($3.00 with cheese).
Roasted Lamb Taco
Shrimp Taco
Fish Taco
Slow Roasted Spicy Pork Taco
We tried 4 tacos (of the 17 listed choices, many of which are vegetarian) all with cheese, 2 tortillas, and onions (either raw diced or pickled) while the fish and shrimp tacos also featured finely sliced cabbage, tomato dice and a nice bit of dressing. We loved them all! The shrimp and fish were both crispy and right out of the fryer, while the lamb and pork were both rich and flavourful. All were a good balance of ingredients and were nicely messy. Eat over the table and be prepared to use a lot of napkins. 
I kind of embarrassed myself by taking too much salsa from the extensive salsa bar (well, I wanted to try everything !) and not finishing half of it.
Salsa Bar
The salsas were not of the chunky salsa fresca type for the most part but of the more liquid variety. Some packed a fair punch including diablo and a surprising peanut salsa. Following the tacos we enjoyed a Huarache Al Pastor. The tortilla served under the huarache was a thicker more solid

platform for a more substantial combination. Included were beans, cabbage, red onion, jalapeno, chunky salsa, sour cream and fresh cheese along with our choice of marinated pork with pineapple. It was delicious! 

We finished with a couple of Churros, my partner's new favourite dessert. They were soft and warm on the inside, crispy on the outside with a nice dusting of cinnamon sugar and a drizzle of chocolate. A fine conclusion to a nice meal. This is a bright friendly place, with a play area for small children. Not too expensive, they are bound to do well!. Come get some tacos!
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