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It is hard to go wrong with Taiwanese food (so many tasty possibilities) and Bubble 88 is a good choice, hidden in the Royal Bank strip mall adjacent to Surrey Central Mall. Unfortunately, I have a terrible time making up my mind at this kind of place, especially if there is a decision to be made within the choice (do it yourself combos). I briefly considered just asking for one of each!
Popcorn Chicken
We arrived seriously starving on Sunday afternoon (someone should have eaten breakfast!).We ordered Popcorn Chicken almost before sitting down to keep from falling completely into a low blood sugar fog. It arrived quickly and was hot, salty and tasty and moist inside. We happily munched it down in no time and were soon able to see straight and make up our minds as to the rest of our meal!
Curry Brisket and Rice Combo
Cucumber, Tofu, Cauliflower

I have a weakness for Curry Brisket with Rice and order it often. The "banchan' that arrived with it was somewhat impressive. The cauliflower was quite plain but very refreshing and a good foil for the rich curry. I did love the curry but I spooned a lot, I mean a lot of grease off the top. I guess that is the consequence of nice fatty brisket but I feel like the kitchen could have handled some of it!
Seafood Noodle in Soup

My partner ordered the Seafood Noodle in Soup.and it came as a generous serving with plenty of seafood. The broth was chicken stock and the noodles were just cooked enough to maintain a bit of chewiness. To be honest, the squid seemed a bit too fishy for my tastes but I liked the white fish pieces.
Deep Fried Boneless Chicken Leg with Rice
 Finally for my partner's 6 year old granddaughter, whose company we were enjoying that day, we ordered Deep Fried Boneless Chicken Leg with Rice.I am not sure what the process would be for deboning the chicken leg for this. The legs tend to be full of tendons that would make the process a little tedious. But deboned and pounded thin and deep fried, this was a tasty dish and Juelle, who eats like a bird, enjoyed the bird, and had some to take home. I have to say that I heartily recommend this combination. The rice was topped with some bits of stewed pork belly. Very Nice!
Taro Bubble Tea with Pearls
And does anyone go for Taiwanese without Bubble Tea? Service is efficient as is the kitchen. Everything arrived in fairly short order. There is a station with containers so that you can pack up your inevitable left overs for later! Bright and comfortable inside, come try something tasty from their extensive menu!
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