Pizza Palooza 2018 - Part One

Thanks Van Foodster for organizing this enjoyable event! The weather could have gone either way but as long as we were dressed warmly (I chose to walk the whole route) we were fine. Pizza Palooza consisted of visits to 5 restaurants (they were ready for us) in the downtown and Gastown, serving pizza to one degree or another. Two restaurants served Neapolitan style pizza, one served Roman style, one served Lebanese style flat bread and one specialized in South Indian dosa (they were the ones who reached the most to accommodate the 'pizza' theme).
We gathered briefly at Living Products Aisle in Yaletown to pickup our maps and tickets and receive  a sustaining beverage for the road ahead. I chose Blue Majik Flow. I can't remember what was in it but blue is one of my favorite flavors! This is an interesting little juice shop with a plethora of green things growing in containers waiting to become juice.
I started with the coziest of the 5 locations, reasoning that since I was early, I might beat the crowd. Manoush'eh has been here 3 months and according to the clientele is turning out very good authentic Lebanese flat bread.
Falafel Flatbread and Lahm be Ajeen
I am a big fan of falafel and what they presented to us here was a Falafel Flatbread with tahini, tomatoes and (my favorite ingredient) pickled turnip. The other have of the offering was organic spiced beef. This was very enjoyable and the gents running this place were all smiles and friendly and I would have been tempted to take up space there for a long time but I had to press on!
Firecrust Neapolitan  Pizzeria is located at the corner of Davie  and Howe. Walk in the door and place your order and they assemble it, moving you along 'Subway" style (sorry for that). Then a gentleman who can handle the heat, slides your pizza into the brick oven. In 90 seconds or so, something amazing emerges which gets delivered to your table. I ordered a Margherita but as I was moving along, the Gorgonzola looked so good that I asked for a little of that on one side.
Mostly Margherita
A true pizza connoisseur would probably be mortified but  I kind of liked it.The true Margherita side was genius with silky mozzarella fiore di latte. My strategy to last the evening without getting too full was already failing. I thought that if I did not eat my crusts that I might not fill up but this dough was made with true pizza 00 flour and chared a little bit. It was amazing and could not be left behind! The manager Mark is very interested in his clientele, checking in with folks in the room. He informed me that their new location in Langley actually burns wood (not permitted downtown) and I am anxious to try for myself. I hate to give it away in part one but this was my favourite pizza of the evening. This is a very nice space where you could linger and enjoy yourself and maybe watch a game.
Sorry Marie! (my partner had to work and couldn't accompany me this evening but I did bring her some leftovers!)  Say tuned for part two!
Firecrust Neapolitan Pizzeria Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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