Pizza Palooza 2018 - Part Two

When we last encountered our hero in part one of Pizza Palooza 2018, he was in grave danger of getting too full on good food to continue this adventure. There is little though that a good brisk walk will cannot cure and the trip from Firecrust to Davie Dosa Company is largely uphill and on that particular evening was shivering cold.
Davie Dosa Company
Half Lamb Curry and half 1235 Pizza
Davie Dosa Company, despite being the least pizzeria like of our stops was one that I looked forward to greatly as a huge fan of south Indian cuisine. The cheerful host was welcoming and got me seated in a comfortable booth. I looked forward to half Curried Lamb Indian Pizza and half Vegetarian (bell pepper, tomato, carrot, cottage cheese and cilantro) pizza. Alas, the lamb curry was not particularly impactful (I love a good curry) and the 'crust' was more of a fermented lentil pancake (tasty enough, but not the right vehicle for 'pizza'). Still, sometimes the details are the stars and the tomato chutney was strong and packed a punch while the coconut chutney was rich and excellent. The sambar too, which served as a dip, made the offering enjoyable. I intend to return and try their dosa which will likely show this place off to better effect.
Next came the long trek to Cordova Street and Ignite Pizzeria. In part one, I identified Ignite as Neapolitan but they self identify as artisan. Cool.
Mushroom and Truffle Oil, Fresh Ricotta
Even the walk could not make me hungry by this point which seems a little unfair from a restaurant review point of view but the offerings at Ignite were tempting enough. I tried a slice of Mushroom with Truffle Oil and a slice of Fresh Ricotta Pizza which featured basil, spinach and Kalamata olives. As at Firecrust the actual crust was a star here and would have been excellent no matter what was on top. It was thin and crispy with just a touch of that lovely char. For the mushroom slice, the truffle oil was not particularly in evidence but was still tasty enough while the ricotta slice was an excellent rounded group of ingredients. A smallish place, I expect they do a lot of take out business but it is nice enough to sit down, enjoy some pizza and watch the world amble by.
Finally came Stretch Roman Pizza Co. on Abbot Street just off E. Hastings.
Pancetta e Scamorza and Caprese Pizza
As the name implies, their pizzas are long and Roman style. I really did not know that was a thing but apparently one of the defining factors is that the dough contains more olive oil rendering in a little thicker but light and crispy at the same time. The offering here was Pancetta e Scamorza (which is so much fun to say) and Caprese Pizza. I confess that I could do no more than nible a corner of each and take the rest home for Marie, who had to work this evening. We both agreed though that even the next day, these are very good pizza flavours. The two cheeses (smoked mozzarella and bocconcini) really stole this show. My intention is to return when I am hungry and bring my partner. I love the long pizza boxes and the corresponding shaped insulated delivery bags! Another casual chic space to sit and enjoy or take out!
Thanks again Van Foodster! What's next? I can't wait!
Stretch Roman Pizza Co. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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