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When we venture to the US of A, we have a few loose rules about where to eat. For example, my partner and I rarely eat at Asian restaurants down there. We live in Metro Vancouver so why would we? Be it south, south-east or east Asian food, we lack for nothing here! That being said, we are not the strongest when it comes to Mexican, Soul or Barbecue (Oh, settle down. I know we have a few decent places!) although things are improving. In America, the force is strong in these cuisines! One more thing that we try to remember is that restaurant portions south of the 49th are often geared to satisfy hungry linebackers! Sharing an entree is often the smart thing, unless you are actually in training for the Lions. We forgot that particular rule at Mi Mexico, although considering that all the folks leaving as we were arriving were carrying to go containers, we shouldn't have.
It was a rainy Saturday evening at about 7 when we arrived. Our taciturn hostess clearly would have preferred to be elsewhere and who can blame her? Forced to work Saturday evening in her parents restaurant (totally just guessing) when she could be out having fun! The rest of the wait staff we found to be friendly and accommodating. Mi Mexico has pretty standard maybe a bit stereotypical decor, not that I mind. There are Mexican beer flags, a few iguana on the wall and some sombreros
for good measure. There are some comfy booths as well as tables and chairs. Complimentary chips and salsa arrived first which is nice.
I like to order a tamale at a Mexican restaurant that is new to me. I find it is a good test of a Mexican kitchen. This one was fine, came wrapped in the corn husk which I like and was not too dry. The combination came with a taco and an enchilada and the requisite rice and beans, and in there somewhere is a bit of a coleslaw. Lots of cheese, a bit too much salt but hit the spot overall.
Marie is our official Chile Relleno taster. This one probably started off well but the meat sauce, which tasted too much like spaghetti sauce, kind of rendered it soggy. I thought the poblano itself was nice and meaty and the cheesy filling was flavorful. Aside from that, the rest of the platter resembled mine. Here is where we could have shared a plate as neither of us got more than halfway through. Generous portions for sure.
Marie's daughter was with us on this occasion and had the Queso Dip Burrito. Again, a pretty generous portion and she seemed to enjoy it. Overall, not an unpleasant experience. Not the most amazing either but home style, generous and not too expensive. I would consider stopping by again if I found myself hungry while passing through Burlington.
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