Grounds and Greens, Fort Langley - Plant Based Cafe

Our first visit to Grounds and Greens was June 1, 2020, and at their White Rock cafe (obviously). Everyone remembers what was going on at the time in the world and it was our first time visiting any restaurant after a period of months when all dining rooms were closed. G and G had just opened and would succeed despite those most difficult of circumstances. Not only did they succeed but they have thrived to the point where they have expanded and opened their Fort Langley location! We are delighted to have them closer to us but also that a fully vegan cafe can prove so popular!

I'm sure most specific signage is coming soon but for now look for Plant-Based Cafe at 9124 Glover at 96 Ave. The menu at the new place is mostly the same as at the White Rock location but this time, we were influenced when ordering by our This Is Plant Curious membership. The discount offers buy 1 breads main and get the second free! Whether you are vegan or not, you should check out This Is Plant Curious although, I hope they have an app next year!
We ordered a Brekkie Wrap which featured a tofu and spinach scramble with black beans, hummus and all sorts of good stuff. The side Caesars Salad was a treat as the Caesar dressing which is usually not a plant based thing, was spot on. It set us off on a week of trying to make vegan Caesar dressing at home!
The Boujie Bread was a knock out! Sourdough bread, house made ricotta, and a mix of sauteed mushrooms, garlic confit and a truffled apple honey (yes, vegan). I was so impressed by the sweet element and how it just brought the whole toast thing to a surprising level.
Mharie was eyeing this muffin with the impressive topping of cream cheese icing in the bakery case so we decided to have some dessert! Unfortunately, as we were getting ready to do it some damage, we remembered to ask whether it had flax seeds. You see, Mharie is very allergic to flax seeds and I have an unimpressive record of remembering to ask. It's not like it comes up often, but a healthyish  muffin might be one the muffin became mine and we got her a cookie!
And an impressive cookie it was but not white chocolate as we originally guessed. Still vegan marshmallows are also a bit of a rarity and we enjoyed the cookie.
So a lovely lunch was had by all and then we went for a stroll to the Langley Farmer's Market where we bought some mushrooms form Myca Farms! I expected a sunny Saturday afternoon in Fort Langley to be a bit of a traffic and parking nightmare but don't be afraid! It was actually not to difficult to find parking a little off the main street. The folks at Grounds and Greens are enthusiastic including the owner/chefs Mannel and Ben. These two places are worth a drive whether you are vegan or not!

Food                             5 out of 5
Vegan Options             5 out of 5
Service                         5 out of 5
Comfort                        4 out of 5
Value                            5 out of 5

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