Afuri Ramen and Dumpling - Vegan Options

Don't let Google Maps screw you up with nonsensical directions when trying to find Afuri Ramen and Dumplings. Instead, just get yourself on Alderbridge Way to the west of Number 3 Road. Find Gyu-Kaku on the north side of the road (less than a block west of #3) and pull in behind it. Really! Afuri does not have a sign at the road and Google had us at the back of RCSS wondering where the hell we were!

While located in a tilt-up industrial park with tile shops and lighting suppliers, Afuri is a chic airy space and very comfortable, where we had soup!
Of course, we started with dumplings. These are Winged Miso Cashew Dumplings. I don't know how they arrive at the wings (or maybe we would call them webs), but they are crispy, delicate, and served with soy vinaigrette dipping sauce. They are very impressive in their creative use of nuts at Afuri, for example with the cashew and leek filling for these. They are a must-try!
Afuri is not a vegan restaurant but they have enough choices that we were able to get in on their combo deal! The combo started with a Tofu Shira-ae Salad. This was a brilliant salad featuring miso cashews, grapes, frisee and a yuzu and tofu dressing. It had wonderful texture as well as flavour. Another must-try!
For ramen, we chose the Hazelnut Tantan. Another brilliant use of nuts, this time as the base of the broth (hazelnuts) and as a topping (miso cashews). This is still my personal favourite vegan ramen in Metro Vancouver. It is rich and delicious as well as substantial with thicker noodles than the other ramen (although you could probably request the thin). If you're inclined, you can watch them making noodles at the back of the restaurant. Nicely rounded out with a shitake mushroom, leeks, bok choy and chilli oil. Amazing! The combo also comes with a beverage and we chose their house-made ginger ale.

The Crispy Nasu Don was another wonder. Crispy eggplant, a miso katsu sauce and the other goodies including hazelnut chilli oil. All served over rice of course, if you would prefer rice to noodles. Loved the sauce.
The only disappointment we experienced was that they had run out of tofu donuts! At least it provides another reason to return. Other than that, service was friendly and our food arrived in decent time. The vegan options here are not an afterthought but the fruit of some creative thinking. There could be a couple more selections to my thinking as they've done so well, so far! It is one of our favourite ramen joints in all of Vancouver (we have been to their Main Street) location in the past. Highly recommended!

Food                         5 out of 5
Vegan Options         3 1/2 out of 5
Comfort                    4 out of 5
Service                     4 1/2 out of 5
Value                        4 1/2 out of 5


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