Sweet Revenge Bakery & Cafe, Langley - Vegan Options

When I first visited SRB almost a year ago, I mentioned that parking is a problem. That was an understatement. If you learn nothing else from this post, pay attention to how to park here. Willowbrook area traffic is a nightmare on Saturday (I can't comment on the rest of the week) so one wrong turn enters you into a maelstrom. If you get yourself to the west side of the bakery, you will find no parking in the building parking lot (I hope they got a good lease deal as all the other first-floor businesses have designated parking spots and they don't). There will be no street parking on 195a and you will end up with a challenge similar to a spawning salmon trying to get back. Instead, from the start, go north from 64 Avenue on 196 Street, and park in the gravel parking lot on the west side of the road, which is within walking distance. Do not veer from these instructions and you will prosper!

If you didn't catch that, Sweet Revenge Bakery is located at the corner of 64 Avenue and 196th Street in Langley. If you are a real expert on our blog, you will notice that I am using the same photo (forgot to take an outside photo this time) as the last time that I posted about this place.
We started with a pour over which was rich and amazing. They noted when I ordered that we had decided to share a coffee and were kind enough to bring us 2 cups. That is what I consider top notch service and just human kindness!
You may have seen this before. They make an outstanding breakfast sandwich and I wanted Mharie to try it hot out of the kitchen. Excellent croissant, tofu egg which was nicely eggy (a little black salt might be the secret), mushroom bacon and some nice melty cheese. A cruelty-free way to start your day!
A soy curls Bulgogi Philly Cheesesteak is a lot to fit into a name but this was another homerun. The bread was great of course (this being a bakery) but the marinated soy curls were very savoury and 'meaty'. With vegan Mozza and a few grilled veggies, you've got a pretty impressive sandwich.
My wife is a croissant fan and she already knew that an Almond Croissant was waiting for her. This one did not disappoint. They have a way with vegan croissants here. The almonds and powdered sugar are just bonuses.
I forget what kind of cupcake this is (I've got to start writing stuff down) but vegan with pumpkin seeds and icing and it was great. They have all kinds of vegan baked goods here and the items are clearly marked as such. There are vegan donuts also so I had to avert my eyes or end up with a thousand more calories to go.
This is a cozy little place with seating for 14 or so and a couple of tables outside as well. Very friendly and on-top-of -it staff as well. Yup! We like this place!
Food                                          4 1/2 out of 5
Vegan Options                          4 out of 5
Comfort                                     4 out of 5
Service                                      5 out of 5
Value                                         4 out of 5


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