Simon Fraser University Dining Commons - Vegan Options

I'm not 100% sure how I became aware of SFU Dining Commons. Probably from noodling around on Google Maps. Anyway, it became apparent that there were many vegan options available for the students (reinspires my hope for the future of the planet) and others...24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

We narrowly escaped getting a parking ticket but be aware that some parking company is prowling. I did not see any signage or even a way to pay for parking so either I am stupid (distinctly possible) or this is a way that they provide some extra financing for the university. The entrance to the Dining Commons is down the stars to the right. It took a minute or two to figure that out.
This place is more than a little beautiful lots of with natural light and some lovely lighting fixtures (for the other side of the 24 hours a day). There are all kinds of places where you can consume your consumables from community tables to booths, upstairs and down.  There are 10 stations each with
cooks either topping up or preparing dishes for the buffet-style stations. We did a quick scout around and decided to give some of the vegan dishes a try.
There is a lot of variety. We tried a barley salad (which was actually a little over-salty), a pulled jackfruit bowl and some Szchezuan stir-fried vegetables.
We also tried a Korean-style tofu thing, some roasted beets and parsnips and a couple of sushi rolls.
And a vegan standby (make sure there's no fish sauce), seaweed salad. I think I was able to cover all my food groups in one meal!. Everything was tasty but we found that the spicy things were not overly spicy, probably to suit all kinds of palates. There are desserts and beverages included in your meal price but the vegan dessert options were not exciting.
Much of the food is prepared and set up for serving yourself while other items are prepared to order like our jackfruit bowl. And there is no hardship inflicted on the carnivores. In fact, while all this vegan food at a university cafeteria gave me a feeling of optimism, I noticed, anytime I was in line, that the people in front of me were ordering pulled pork or hamburger or whatever. Too bad. I had hoped to see more of the 'Greta effect'.At least the university makes cruelty-free dining possible. 
We paid $22.79 each for our lunch (dinner is the same) but there are meal plans available for the students. Anyone living on campus can be well nourished and not have to exist on Mr. Noodles. Well done SFU. This is an excellent concept and all the plant-based options may nudge the next generation in the right direction diet-wise.
Food                              3 1/2 out of 5
Vegan Options               4 1/2 out of 5
Comfort                         4 out of 5
Service                           4 out of 5
Value                              4 out of 5


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