On To Portland - A Vegan Paradise and Doe Donuts

Wednesday morning we were up bright and early for the short trek to Portland. The fact is that we blasted right past Portland and on to Multnomah Falls as Mharie had never been and it is a wonderful bit of natural beauty and couldn't be easier to visit.

Located about 30 minutes east of downtown on Hwy 84, this is a popular destination that is worth visiting early in the day (and in the off-season obviously)  to avoid the full throngs. Eventually, I will post a few videos on YouTube from our trip including a bit more of a look at the falls. After a good look at the falls and endless selfies, we headed back to Portland to find lunch in the vegan restaurant capital of the U.S. Unfortunately, some of the top picks from my research are mysteriously gone. Mama Dut which was featured on Evolving Vegan and Plant Based News has permanently closed and Gnarly's has temporarily closed. Being a food truck town, we tried a visit to the Rose City Food Park in which most of the carts were closed (doubtless due to this being the week between Christmas and New Year's).
We did find that Doe Donuts was open so decided to start with dessert first! It turns out that VooDoo Donuts, a Portland institution, also has some plant-based offerings but a) we have been on previous visits and b) we will always give preference to the fully plant-based business.
It may be the middle of winter but Doe's has plant-based ice cream and we didn't drive all this way to not try it! I think this was Holiday Nog (can't remember) and it was very decent ice cream. It was maybe just slightly towards the icy rather than creamy end of the spectrum but not enough to notice or complain about. Apparently, they always have a couple of soft-serve flavours and somehow I missed it! Aargh! Now we have to go back.
We ordered 4 donuts including one of their famous savoury donuts. Starting on the left was the Panettone Fritter. I don't know of anyone who is really a fan of panettone and that would explain why you never see it except at Christmas time. The fritter was nevertheless delicious. The dried fruit was not even a distraction! I can't remember the flavour of the second from the left but there was a little taste of baklava on the top. It was sweet and delicious of course but overall, we find the donuts to be a little on the cakey side (this and the Grapefruit Donut next to it).
The Birria Donut is a stroke of genius and was very good. Maybe a little less of a donut than the Mac'n Cheese savoury donut that we saw on YouTube but impressive just the same. And it was complete with broth just like a taco would be.
Doe's Donuts is all plant-based. Their menu is creative and changes monthly. We loved what we tried although the donuts weren't cheap. Certainly, the price for the plant-based part is worth it to us. There are a few outside picnic tables if the weather is cooperating.
Food                          4 out of 5
Vegan Options           5 out of 5
Comfort                      NA
Service                       4  1/2 out of 5
Value                          4 1/2 out of 5                       

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