Seaside, Cannon Beach, Oregon - Our Vegan Holiday Continues

So we got up on Boxing Day and after our requisite walk on the beach (weather was much calmer today...less windy and no rain) we decided to drift south for a little walk on Cannon Beach. Cannon Beach is charming and maybe a little higher rent than Seaside (Sorry Seaside. We still love you.). Of course, the main attraction is Haystack Rock but the coast all along here is studded with basalt stacks very similar to this one. If I understand correctly these stacks are the result of lava flows from 17 million years ago and more recently the actions on wind and tide. Access to the beach in this area is not really difficult (you just need to find the designated access points) and it is a public beach but it is mostly lined with private residences and resorts. Also, pay attention to the tides. We got our feet soaked and nothing worse but I would imagine it can be tricky at times. 

We stopped for a coffee and piece of banana bread at Sleepy Monk Coffee. We were impressed that they had a nice selection of plant-based baked goods and tried a piece of Chai Banana Bread. After we continued our walk and explored Icefire Glassworks. Eventually we headed back to Seaside to find some lunch.
A few years ago on a visit to Seaside, in my omnivore past, we had wonderful Mexican food at The Stand, I'm not sure if it was true at the time but today they have a couple of vegan items on the menu.
We ordered the Vegan Burrito with Enchilada Sauce. This was a behemoth sufficient (along with a taco) for the two of us for lunch. Rather than the usual rice filled thing, this burrito was full of black beans and grilled vegetables. To be honest, it is hard to get veggies on vacation whether you are vegan or not so this was perfect. I'd post the picture of the burrito after I split it but it mostly exploded and ceased to be Insta worthy! Delicious and satisfying! After some more toddling around town and on the beach (and a wonderful nap), we set out to get some dinner.
We had read on Google Maps that New Garden Asian Restaurant had quite a few dishes that were or could be prepared vegan. Located in the rather sad little Seaside Carousel Mall ( a couple of blocks from the beach), it is a friendly and pleasant place with an open kitchen and a large menu. 
We ordered 3 dishes and ended up with a ton of leftovers to go as the dishes were quite generous. The Szechuan Tofu was quite amazing being crispy and served with lots of green beans and toasted peanuts. There was your basic heat from the dried chilies and the pleasant numbing heat from Szechuan peppercorns that we love.
Clearly we were craving carbs and ordered the Vegetable Fried Rice (they charge1$ extra for no egg!) and a Chow Mein. Both arrived hot and tasty with lots of broccoli and carrots. This marks the first time I have broken my long time rule of not eating Chinese food while away from Vancouver but now we go where the plant-based food is made available! 
Our stay in Seaside could have been longer but after finishing the worst Netflix series ever, Obliterated, we called it a night and prepared to head for Portland on Wednesday morning.

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