Myca Farms Ltd.

I had no idea Myca Farms existed. I do know now and I'm pretty happy about that! I have had the Too Good To Go app on my phone for quite a while (the app is about giving restaurants and other food purveyors the chance to make food that otherwise might be wasted, available in surprise bags or other discounted arrangements). I have not used it because there has been little available in Aldergrove and I'm not going to drive 30 km to save a few vegetables (or whatever) Then last week, I opened it up to see Myca Farms was selling bags of gourmet mushrooms. 

Located at 6745 on 264th, they are actually close to the freeway for you Fraser Valley commuters and just a little hop north of Aldergrove! A gourmet mushroom farm! This is great! So I placed my order and went to pick up a bag of mushrooms. 
They were good enough to show me around! The boss/manager/owner is clearly quite excited about this venture (I checked before posting this picture as I didn't want to give away secrets) and probably gave me more mushrooms than he should have (there go the profits). So far, they have been mostly available at farmer's markets and such but they are also now supplying to Chickpea (one of our great vegan restaurants in Vancouver). This is a new farm and they have been cranking out mushrooms for only a few months so far.
As an indication of my lack of professionalism, I somehow bumped my camera off of the proper ratio so this is going to look odd but also delicious! What you are looking at is a pile of Oyster Mushrooms, as well as Lion's Mane Mushrooms and I'm not even sure what else.
When in doubt, deep fry but you can eat these raw or cooked or even dry them if you like.! The Lion's Mane are very meaty (and apparently full of proteins as well). I used a mostly dry batter and put together an Asian-style dipping sauce. I don't miss meat since I made the full switch to plant-based eating but if you do, you will find these amazing.
My wife has been trying plant-based versions of Filipino dishes that she has always made. This is Arroz Valenciana, typically made with chicken, miniature bananas, raisins and rice. In this version, she replaced the chicken with Oyster Mushrooms which she marinated in tomato and Filipino ketchup. It was delicious and again profited from the meaty mushrooms!
There is no limit to what you can do with mushrooms as vegans and omnivores are both aware.
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