The Plant Butcher / The Wack Kitchen - Chilliwack Vegan Option

We drove to Chilliwack expecting to see the food truck that we saw at the PNE. Somewhat confused, as usual, we entered the Wack at the Cheam Mountain Golf Course on the south side of Hwy 1 just east of Lickman Road and found out, this was the place! It's not much to look at from the front, is it? You are entering next to the golf course pro shop.

It turns out that The Wack Kitchen is also a commissary kitchen for The Plant Butcher and Chasing Smoke BBQ. The current menu is the one you find at Skip The Dishes but you can order in person at The Wack (they don't have a hard copy of the Plant Butcher menu at the Wack). It is a little more confusing than it needs to be. If you Google the Plant Butcher it will take you to the Wack website where there is no Plant Butcher information at all. WTF? Anyway, once we figured all that out, we were off and running. 
We started with Korean Sticky Chick'n. This came on a bit of salad with an Asian vinegar dressing with pickled onions and sesame seeds. The sticky sweet sauce was very good although it wouldn't have hurt to have been a little spicy to really make us think Korean. To be honest, I'm sure it wouldn't have put them out of business to serve a larger portion. Really tasty though!
Next up was Plant Butcher Poutine. We ordered this topped with chick'n bits and this was on the amazing side! I have read reviews in which the reviewer wonders out loud whether they were accidentally served real chicken. We came close to that but upon pulling a piece apart, decided it might have been jack fruit (it turned out to be tempeh). This was crispy and good chick'n! The gravy was amazing and rich and the cheese melty. Extra decent fries as well. This was very good and a pretty good deal we thought, although I don't remember the exact price!
We ordered their regular Plant Butcher Burger for which they used Impossible ground meat (better than the prepared patties). Even our non-vegan server admitted that he eats this once in a while. We were more than a little impressed with this burger. It is one of the best meat adjacent patties that we have had and the vegan brioche bun and condiments built it into a hearty albeit messy affair!
I have a bit of a weakness for pickle chips. These were excellent. They were so crisp (maybe cornmeal in the crust?) and just thick enough to give you that sour hit.
There is cafeteria-style dining inside but on a sunny day, the back patio is a pleasant place to picnic with the nice green golf course for a backdrop. Our server was helpful with the ordering process but for God's sake, why not just make a menu available so we don't have to work so hard to find it? On the whole, this was some pretty good vegan chow and probably the only place you will find in Chilliwack.
Food                        4 out of 5
Vegan options         4 out of 5
Comfort                   4 out of 5
Service                    4 out of 5
Value                       4 out of 5

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