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As our Plant Curious coupon book runs out at the end of August, and as I grow ever nearer to committing to a vegan diet for the long term, we decided to start visiting a few more places listed in the book. It has already paid for itself and frankly, it was never about the savings but more about discovering new plant-based eateries.

Located on Broadway between Heather and Willow, LSV is a warm and welcoming place leaning towards Vietnamese cuisine and the health food end of the plant-based spectrum (i.e. nothing is deep fried but that's OK). 
I was a little disappointed to learn that they no longer had their Om-melette available. This mung bean batter creation has become impractical due to the cost of importing some of the ingredients. That's where we live now. No use worrying about it. Anyway, we ordered a Mango Salad to share to start and we weren't sorry about that. The mango itself was bright and refreshing served on a bed of greens with cashews and a tamarind-based salad dressing that was served on the side.
They offer a vegan pho at LSV but we decided to try their Hanoi Noodle Soup instead. Based on a vegan stock with plenty of flavour and some pretty decent noodles, the greens on top were surprising but worked well as we folded them into the soup. As my wife is allergic to flax seeds, they served us a couple of little soft biscuits on the side that might have normally melted into the stock and added some richness.
The Pineapple Express Bowl was surprising and great! I expected a typical brown rice bowl with toppings but this came hot with Daiya shredded cheese richly melted over top! Additionally, the bowl features house-made Sunny Pate, a sunflower seed, soybean etc. pate that has a wonderful texture and savoury flavour. We loved this menu item.
LSV has a widely varied menu with a number of other things that we would love to try. Service was friendly and fairly quick but not so quick that we suspected that the food was not fresh! When I told our host about my wife's allergy, she was on it! This is a good go-to place for someone who is trying to eat plant-based full time.
Food              4 out of 5
Comfort         4 out of 5
Service          4 out of 5
Value             4 out of 5


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