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I have trouble getting my wife to be enthusiastic about going for hot dogs. Vegan hot dogs are even more challenging as I think back to the terrible Yves weiners that I ate 30 or 40 years ago (well at least there was something). Fortunately, things have come a long way and today we have Good Dogs Plant Foods. Located right next to Ramen Danbo (if anyone has not lined up for at least 30 minutes at R.D. it is just west of Jervis on Robson). I feel like have been here before!

GDPF serves a few brunch items on Saturday and Sunday and the first thing that we noticed is that plating is a little more serious than the usual hot dog places!
The Hummus Where The Heart Is Hash Bowl, starts with wonderful herby potatoes, crisp (raw?) beet spears and greens. A clever (the chef explained the process to me but I won't be trying it) and tasty moong bean scramble added a warm and scrambled egg-like feel. There was tofu hollandaise and crispy garbanzos to round things out. It was the many layers of tasty things that so impressed us! Don't miss this!
We are suckers for deep-fried mushrooms and Good Dogs' Sticky Mushrooms were definitely winners. In addition to the deep Korean style sweet and spicy sauce, there was some serious heat here (stay clear of the little red guys if you don't want to sweat) ! Nicely crispy and again beautifully presented!
I had to order the Heil Seitan A.K.A. Hawt Dog, if only for the name! The sausages that they are using at GDPF are something that you can not buy locally. They are apparently available south of the border but I don't remember the name. I do remember that they are very good. They have the texture of coarsely ground sausage and a very meaty flavour. The appeal of this dog was the sum of a lot of very good condiments including shishito salsa, habanero cream cheez, charred green onions and again those dangerous little chillis! A bun that was nicely toasted with chilli oil provided the base. This one dog provides enough by itself to be a meal!
Finally, we ordered a Thot Dog! This one came with house-made tots (sounds like thot...see that?)! Again, there were a bunch of tasty and unique condiments including excellent house queso, salsa, tortilla chips and avocado in some form. It's rare that a dog can be picked apart into impressive component parts to create a remarkable whole. These are some of the best hot dogs that we have had, vegan or otherwise. 
The reason that we felt like we had been here before was that used to be Umai Hot Dogs  (I remember the same people in line at R.D.). Things have been moved around a bit and the menu is now cruelty-free and frankly a lot tastier! The folks here seem enthusiastic about what they do and plant-free eating in general. Sevice is friendly and quick. We were comfortable enough and felt we got good value for our coinage. 
Food              4 1/2 out of 5
Comfort         4 out of 5
Service           4 1/2 out of 5
Value              4 out of 5

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