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Of course, we've been to Japadog before! It's a Vancouver institution and one of Anthony Bourdain's notable stops on his visits to town. These days there are at least 10 Japadog locations including at the Santa Monica Pier, some of which are storefronts and others of which are trailers. We've just never written a blog post about them (shame!) but after dropping my brother at the airport (there is a Japadog in YVR) we were feeling peckish and well, why not?

The nice thing about McArthurGlen is lots of parking including EV charging spots. On a sunny day, you can stroll around the mall enjoying a coffee and laughing at the people in long lines for new shoe releases (or whatever).

I'm a big fan of Japanese Curry but not a big fan of poutine. Put Japanese curry on fries and you don't really have poutine you really just have curry sauce and cheese on fries. Call it whatever you want, I guess, it was pretty good. Not a bad mango shake either.
Proving that not every dog has to have a pork weiner (or is that the actual definition of a hot dog?) is the Ebi Tempura Dog. With Seasoned rice and seaweed, the nicely crispy and surprisingly tasty shrimp brings a lighter but very satisfying flavour to a hot dog.

One of the current specials at the MG outlet is the Menchikatsu Dog. This is a ground beef cutlet on a bun that did not quite live up to its billing as crunchy on the outside. Still, it was beefy and flavourful with katsu sauce.
The Yakiniku Rice Dog was the biggest score of this particular haul. The Arabiki pork weiner had some snap for a decent start. With seasoned rice, grilled beef and some variation of a katsu or teriyaki style sauce, this was almost a meal in itself. I would order this again!
I think that the Okonomi Dog is one of my early and all-time favourite go-to's. I guess it's mostly about the bonito flakes but the Kurobota sausage is one of their tastiest offerings. I like the sauce and fried cabbage as well. You can never go wrong with a classic!
The McArthurGlen location of Japadog has quite a bit of room for inside dining and some outside tables as well. They are counter service and pickup but service is pretty quick considering how busy they can be. If I'm eating fast food, I would always choose Japadog if there is an outlet nearby. There is a reason that they started with one cart on Burrard and have grown to an empire of sorts! Really decent food with some impressive variety at very good prices.
Food              3 1/2 out of 5
Comfort         3 out of 5
Service          4 out of 5
Value             4 out of 5

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