Grounds and Greens (and still eating plant based)

We were excited to get our copy of the 2022 Plant Curious Deals Book. Since we had visited at least half of the establishments in the book we now had a reason (did we really need one?) to revisit some of our favourites starting with Grounds and Greens in White Rock. We first visited them in June of 2020 when they (and the pandemic) were just really getting started. You can read about our first visit here.  Now, G and G is really a going concern having a proven track record as an amazing plant-based eats cafe!

It was busy just after noon on Sunday and we were able to get a table outside but then we were moved inside before things got too far along so that was nice (it was still just a bit chilly outside).
We haven't had an Egg McMuffin in years so finding a vegan version of a breakfast sandwich was a treat. They call it Eggsuisite and it was truly impressive! Just Egg is an amazing egg substitute that we had not tried before. It was pretty well indistinguishable from the chicken version (of the egg) and far superior to the usual fast food yellow hockey puck. All this and melty plant-based cheese, avocado and tomatoes. We loved it!
Mharie chose Rice, Rice, Baby from the bowls menu and yes there is rice somewhere under there! The crispy tofu is topped with a spicy peanut and sesame sauce that was really tasty. Beyond that, you're getting some of your veggies and some nice cold mango chunks. I am not sure how they make the carrot 'threads' so long! 
We also had Return of the Mac. I kind of like the cavatappi pasta better than macaroni as the longer pieces are easier to wrangle, plus they have a little more substance to them. Still, the cheese sauce with just a hint of truffle was the source of a fair bit of joy on my part! The roasted mushrooms and gremolata topping (lemon zest, parsley and garlic) made this a memorable vegan pasta dish.
We also shared a Cortado. We'd never had one before and it's not on the coffee menu but the website indicated that it is Mannel's (she of the chef/owner couple) favourite. We felt like we were ordering of a secret menu! And since we said we were going to share it, they actually brought it in 2 cups! How cool is that!
Ben (he of the chef/owner couple) was circulating and serving and entertaining his guests and the rest of the wait staff were equally friendly. Such a friendly place where you can feel at home! Get there soon though, before the pandemic is over and they are so busy that you always have to wait for a table! Again, we give Grounds and Greens our coveted, 5 out of 5!
Food              5 out of 5
Comfort         5 out of 5
Service          5 out of 5
Value             5 out of 5

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