Kawawa Ramen

Well, we didn't come for the view, although looking out the window from Kawawa Ramen into the underground Walmart parking lot at Guildford Mall, we were able to wager on which Surrey residents would run into each other (for the record, we always choose to park a little further away and walk since our legs aren't broken, thus avoiding the silly battle for the closest parking spot).

It wasn't too busy just before noon on Sunday and we were seated right away. Considering it is right in the mall, I would have expected a bit more foot traffic but the place never really did fill up.
They have a fairly extensive menu going beyond ramen if you look at their website. However, a lot of things (including all sushi) were not available. I got the feeling that it didn't have anything to do with supply chains but just the inconvenience of someone having to make sushi. Off the 'new items' menu, we tried their crispy Spring Rolls. These were crispy for sure but quite bland. Fortunately, they came with a sweet Thai chilli sauce.
They showed well on the Grilled Squid. It was tasty with whatever sauce they used (Mharie and I couldn't decide whether it was oyster or maybe hoisin). Just cooked enough to get that grilled taste while still staying tender. This was the best of the things that we tried.
We ordered their basic Original Ramen which came with one piece of decent chashu and the usual trimmings. To be honest, this was not an exciting bowl of soup. The noodles didn't do much for us and the broth was not amazing. I kind of liked the wooden spoons but also tended to dribble soup on myself with them.
Thanks to our recent chicken broth ramen experience at Marutama, I have been eager to try this at other places. The Fried Chicken Ramen did boast tasty fried chicken but the broth was again not amazing. I'm sorry but we have definitely had better ramen.
It's a nice little place and the staff were really decent folk but the soup just didn't move us to be offering a glowing recommendation. It was comfortable enough and a sharp-looking place (cool light fixtures). Maybe you could do OK here with a snack or a bento box.
Food                 2 1/2 out of 5
Comfort            3 out of 5
Service             3 1/2 out of 5
Value                2 1/2 out of 5

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