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First of all, why is Weirdo Cafe not more of a big deal in the food person community? I don't know that I've ever read a blog post about them, nor have I seen a posting on Instagram among the people that I follow. They are certainly guilty of a wildly creative menu and the dishes that we tried were successful for the most part. So am I missing something? I will admit that I'm not a big fan of the name Weirdo Cafe, although I understand that it refers to, said creative (weird) approach to fusion cuisine.

We arrived in the middle of Saturday afternoon and it was quite busy even at that time. We managed to find a parking spot in the tiny strip mall parking lot which is good. The surrounding area is not a parking paradise and we might have had some walking to do if we had not scored.
The Orange Tofu Pyramid would not qualify as too weird but it was nicely prepared. The sauce was strongly orangy and the tofu was crispy outside and silky inside. Nice!
Next up was Golden Desert. Fries coated with salted duck egg and pumpkin puree. I admit that I expected a big sauce but the additions were a little more subtle and the result was pretty fine. Just a bit of a lovely, sticky glaze on the fries that was salty and barely pumpkiny and a bit sweet. We could not leave these alone and would order them again, for sure!
Not on the regular menu and only available until 3 pm, we just made it under the wire and ordered Omelette Rice. I have a weakness for this comfort food great and under the egg and sauce cover is a wonderful rice concoction. The only fail here was the 'gravy' which was overly strong and frankly made my throat hurt! Too much beef concentrate? I'm not sure but it was too much.
Blueberry Yogurt Pork Chop Spaghetti was one of the surprising items on the menu. Would you think to put blueberries with spaghetti? I assure you that for whatever reason, this worked very well! It was not too fruity or sweet and I think that the yogurt had a hand in tempering this. The 'pork chop' was more of a pounded breadcrumbed and deep-fried piece of pork loin which was very tasty. This is a dish that we highly recommend!
Our servers were very efficient and enthusiastic about this place. The kitchen did not have any issues even though we arrived in the middle of the afternoon. We were comfortable and content. Food persons (I have stopped using the term foodies), put this place on your list! 
Management: Let someone else name your place!
Food             4 out of 5
Comfort        4 out of 5
Service         4 out of 5
Value            4 out of 5

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