Monga Fried Chicken

Yes, we're always up for fried chicken that isn't the work of the Colonel! There is definitely an explosion of new places and new chains, some of which seem pretty good. Monga Fried Chicken is Taiwanese style, Monga being a district of Taiwan, so that can't be bad!

Located in the Aberdeen Square food court, as opposed to Aberdeen Centre, you can try to use the terrible parkade or walk-in unscathed by using Skytrain. We ordered some chicken to go.
They have some interesting flavours available and we decided to try the Chee-Z. It was actually a pretty decent piece of chicken with lots of cheese and tomato sauce and what I assume is seaweed powder. It is a significant slab of chicken that would actually have been better if it was thinner or pounded because it tended towards overcooked. Still, crispy and tasty and all that.
We tried the basic Popcorn Chicken which was also pretty good. Maybe not as good as J&G but they are definitely in the running. Crispy, salty, hot and well, you know.
You don't see Crispy Chicken Skin on many menus and as the most unhealthy of the fast-food deep-fried snacks, that is probably good. That being said, we are not dining out for our health and as long as you don't eat this 3 times a day, you'll probably be fine! You will never complain about them being dry. We all eat fried chicken for the skin so why not just go for it!
Finally, I ordered the Deep Fried Broccoli more out of amusement than anything. Like, oh sure, we're going to make this a healthy meal by ordering a vegetable! Surprisingly, it turned out to be not too bad! Broccoli is a sturdy enough vegetable that it stands up to the battering and deep-frying fairly well. We actually enjoyed it! Don't think that this is the way to get your vegetables though.
So this is another addition to the fried chicken wars and we think its pretty good.
Food              3 1/2 out of 5
Comfort         3 out of 5
Service          3 out of 5
Value             3 out of 5 

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