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So let's go back to Whistler where we were a couple of weekends ago. We chose a place called Hunter Gather to go for dinner our first evening in town. Wait a minute...Shouldn't it be Hunter Gatherer? Or at least Hunt Gather? I have to admit that the name Hunter Gather makes me a little crazy. The Yelp reviews were all over the place but Mharie's kids had a nice brunch here a while ago so we threw caution to the wind. Also, we are barbeque fans (I know that everyone else is too) and they offered a platter that looked pretty good. 

They don't take reservations nor text you but they took our name (first come first serve), gave us a time to come back hopeful (so we were able to wander at least) and they were pretty close to correct. We were seated by a very enthusiastic host and ordered our barbeque platter.
I must preface these comments by saying that barbeque has been ruined for me by Pinkerton's. a barbeque joint that I visited in Houston, with my brother, a minute before the pandemic began. The memory is still strong. That being said, the platter arrived and looked good. At $68, I would say that it is a reasonable deal, especially for Whistler. I was told that most of their smoking is done off-site in a facility that is loaded with stacks of applewood and smells of smoke. The meats on the platter too, were redolent of applewood.
The meats, for the most part, were well cooked and tender and were anything but dry. The problem was (and maybe not everyone considers this a problem) that the smoke was the only flavour here. I didn't ask but I am under the impression that they didn't use a rub or a mop. There was salt on the table, fortunately, and we were not shy to use it.
The ribs were our favourite and we were impressed with the sides also. Baked beans, potatoes and cornbread were all pretty good. The platter was generous enough that we had quite a bit leftover and it made the trip home to Aldergrove with us. There it was repurposed and spruced up a bit with some sauce and other touches. Even then, the good smoke flavour shone through.
HG is a beautiful and comfortable place to eat with friendly service and evidently, they do a very decent brunch. Overall, we were not blown away by the barbeque platter but it certainly didn't go to waste. I might be inclined to try them again on another occasion and see how they do with other offerings. 
Food                 3 out of 5
Comfort            4 out of 5
Service             4 out of 5
Value                3 out of 5

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